App: “The Waste Land”

There are many reasons why I’m devoted to The Waste Land app, which I purchased and downloaded yesterday. 

T.S. Eliot’s writing calls to me as an avid reader and one who holds a B.A. in English.

The Waste Land is way more than an ebook.  It is truly an app.  In addition to the text it has passages read by T.S. Eliot himself as well as those by award-winning actors such as Alec Guinness and Viggo Mortensen, performance of the poem by Fiona Shaw in video, images of T.S. Eliot’s handwritten text, links to explanatory material, and more.

The app works beautifully on my iPad2.   The presentation is crisp and clear.

Just under $14 is a bit steep, but very worth it in this case.  Buy it on iTunes, download and soak it in!


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One Response to App: “The Waste Land”

  1. Carey Hagan says:

    Lydia, this is a great tip, and it’s now another excuse I have for getting an iPad. Heehee. Seriously. {Sound of wallet being emptied out, thanks to Apple}. 🙂

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